How to go from No Idea to Published Author (WNBW #1)

Dream of being a published author? Discover the seven simple steps to write and publish anything from a blog, to your own book, or anything in between.

In 2009, I wrote a book. Which was great, except I didn’t know what to do next. It took me three and a half years to work it out! After finally publishing that first novel in 2012, I completed a Master of Arts in Writing, but I was still no closer to my second book. That was, until I realised what was missing… Steps to follow! I created the Write Now Program and 90 Day Challenge and now, I write and publish books in weeks instead of years and I’ve helped others to do the same even for their FIRST book (fiction AND non-fiction). In 2019, I set a big, audacious goal of writing one million words, and I did it by following my own steps. I now write fiction and non-fiction under two names. Yep, Kai Parker and PJ Silva – very observant! In 2020, I planned, wrote, and published ‘Wipe Out’ in 9 days. Ok, that’s all great, but what about you?

How to go from No Idea to Published Author is a writing guide with actionable steps. I always advise new authors: “Do not take action until you know your options.” As such, this guide is about presenting options. I give you the steps and advise how you can take those steps yourself, but it is up to YOU to take the first important step. In this book, you’ll learn the seven easy steps to go from No Idea to Published Author whether you want to write a book, or a blog, or anything in between.

But, it’s not JUST about writing a book (or a blog). In this book, I also share with you how you can:

• Become a published author
• Make smart decisions by knowing your options
• Know you can achieve anything if you know where to start
• Discover what you are truly capable of
• Understand yourself and your passion on a deeper level

How to go from No Idea to Published Author is a straight-forward book writing guide in the Write Now Book Writing Guide series. If you like learning, step-by-step processes, and no-holds-barred honesty, you’ll love Writer’s World’s How to go from No Idea to Published Author. Buy How to go from No Idea to Published Author to finally start your book writing journey today!

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