GoodReads Pages are GO!

NUSA – The Natural Un-human Space Academy. Where un-humans train to become Alphanauts and travel into space beyond what any human is capable of.

I’ve just added place holder covers under “BOOKS BY PJ SILVA” for the first three NUSA books. NUSA Earth and NUSA Moon are in Edit with NUSA Mars current half way at 70K words. Super exciting!!!!

Head over to GoodReads and add the NUSA series to your TO READ list and be the first to hear about updates. Of course, follow here and you shall also be in the know, hahah.

Also, saw the first sketch of my artwork for the Blood and Bone characters and oh my god, I can’t wait to share it… even if it does drop a spoiler for NUSA, haha.

The NUSA gang looking SO young! haha. L-R front: Marcy Wolf, Jackson Wolf, Gracie Shifter, Pete Zombie. L-R back: Anastasia Vampire, Anton Vampire, Aten Mummy.

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