Writer’s Update

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Hi all. Welcome to my first official writer’s update (I’m totally plagiarising Kai Parker right now but since we share a host body, I know she doesn’t care, hahaha). Yes, this page is new, and it’s time to outline what you can expect from it, me, us. Hmmm… The intention is to post two to three times a week. One of those posts will be themed along with the Character Collective Podcast that I do with Kristy Westaway. This week, we talked about our writing processes, and I posted a blog already in which I shared a bit more on that. The second weekly post will be an update of what I am up to as a writer – like this post. It will include what I’m working on, lessons I’ve learned, problems I’ve encountered, etc. It’s kind of a journaling process for me and I’m trusting it may help a few people out there with inspiration, or something. πŸ˜€ Any additional posts will relate to any research I’m currently working on, or anything interesting I’ve uncovered during my uni studies, or you know, things and stuffs I’ve discovered that help me as a writer and may help you.

But this isn’t just for writers. I AM a writer and though I love sharing my experience and hopefully inspiring others, my main goal is to share my characters and their stories with readers, so I may post excerpts, character descriptions, side stories… To be honest, I won’t even know until it happens, haha. I’m getting my feet here so thank you for coming along for the journey. Kai said the same thing! Bahaha.

Feedback, questions, tips, etc, are all welcome. I’ll review all comments regularly so come play πŸ™‚ For now, let’s get into my first writer’s update!

Writer’s Update

Overview of Current Series Progress:

Series TitleDraft/SeriesProject StatusNext TaskDue Date
NUSA (primary series)4/10IN ACTIONEdit NUSA Earth8/10/20
Blood and Bone0/3On HoldPlanNA
Awakening3/3On HoldSplitNA
Human Threads3/3On HoldSplitNA
Write Now Book Writing (with Kai Parker) 5/5Kai’sEdit workbook31/10/20
Path to Purpose (with Kai Parker)5/5On HoldEdit Book 1NA

NUSA (primary series)

  • NUSA Earth, the first official release from the NUSA series is due out on October 8. That MAY get pushed back as I’m still waiting for preliminary cover designs to come back.
  • Add NUSA Earth to your GoodReads List now for early access!
  • Due to length, the first two books have been split in two which means, now I have 4 completed books and I’m currently working on the fifth.

Write Now Book Writing Series

  • The main four books in the series are available.
  • Just need to finalise a bonus workbook and then I’ll be boxing this up as a set πŸ™‚

This Week in the World of PJ Silva

Well, there was that uni assignment due but I kicked it off to the f*ckit bucket two days early. I meeeeaaannn… I totally worked my ass off and managed to submit my assignment early. Haha. The reality is somewhere in the middle. Anyway, this week I was working with the added challenges of uni (why did I choose to do that to myself… again?) and the Character Collective Podcast which is still new and therefore, still providing some learning challenges.

I still had a pretty solid week though. I had a 5.5K word day which was nice. It’s been a while since I had one and I almost forgot how much fun it is, haha. I wrote the entire Mars Ball demo game sequence which was exciting because it was the first time I’d delved into Mars Ball now that I’ve decided to give it its own side series. Because, why not? I am waiting patiently to get the cover designs back for NUSA Earth. Patiently she says… Haha. My target launch date is looming and there is a pretty high chance I won’t have the cover in time so will have to push it back, but hey, it’s all learning and stuff, right? Also had some pretty intense epiphanies and stuff this week, so that was fun. Lol. I’m going to pre-create this post for next week so that as things come to me, I can add them in because it is way too hard to reflect on the week when all I want to do is keep moving forward, haha. What happened this week? Stuff. I did words. And stuff.

For those unaware, I also write as Kai Parker. Check out www.kaiparker.com for more on that πŸ™‚

Thanks for Playing

Well, that’s it for my writer’s update this week. Now that I’ve decided to make this a weekly thing, I’ll keep it in the back of mind and hopefully have something a little more interesting to share next time, haha. Until then, catch the Character Collective Podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, and like, a bunch of places. Or just CLICK HERE, that’ll work too. Also, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments. Let me know what YOU would like me to share as a writer.

Until next time – keep on reading!

PJ Silva

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