My Writer’s Update 18/11/2020

Standard warning – I write as PJ Silva and Kai Parker. We are one, yet we are many… Just, go with it.

This Week in My World

  • NUSA Earth is LIVE
  • Character Collective Podcast episode NaNoWriMo Daily updates


HERE IT IS! Finally.

NUSA Earth is now live! Hit the top 5000 overall in Australia on day 1 – well, damn! 😀

Book 2 is tentatively titled NUSA The Artemis Plan and chronicles our unhumans’ journey from Earth to the Moon with a thorough launch written by me – your resident space obsessed launch nerd. Planned LAUNCH for January 🙂

Choose your country below to get your Kindle edition of NUSA Earth now.

The Character Collective Podcast – NaNoWriMo Edition

We’re halfway through our NaNoWriMo daily update episodes. Check out the latest episode below. This week’s weekly episode was a crap tonne of fun! Yes, that’s totally an actual term of measurement, haha. Kristy and I did a write-in. For a weekend, we wrote, drank, and ate. And watched some movies and TV because it’s not like we can hang out every day, hahaha. Episode 10 of the podcast consists of four check-ins throughout our write-in. See how we did it (and didn’t do it) and enjoy the drunken escapades, haha.

The Character Collective with Kai and Kristy

Follow/subscribe for all our episodes and join us for NaNoWriMo. Click on your favourite podcast platform below:

Writer’s Update

Overview of Current Series Progress:

Series TitleDraft/SeriesProject StatusNext TaskDue Date
NUSA (primary series)4/10IN ACTIONEdit NUSA The Artemis Project31/12/20
Blood and Bone0/3On HoldPlanNA
Awakening3/3On HoldSplitNA
Human Threads3/3On HoldSplitNA
Write Now Book Writing (with Kai Parker) 5/5Kai’sEdit workbook31/12/20
Path to Purpose (with Kai Parker)5/5On HoldEdit Book 1NA

NUSA (primary series)

  • NUSA Earth, the first official release from the NUSA series is now available for purchase on Kindle
  • Next on the list is NUSA The Artemis Project.
  • NUSA #DearMoon is good to go – release date pending

This Week in the World of PJ Silva

This month has been focussed on NaNoWriMo as Kai Parker so as PJ Silva, I’ve had a break, haha. I’m on my sit in Coburg North. It’s great to be back to it. With restrictions on travel lifting in Australia, I’ve already got sits books through to April with a potential sit back up in QLD in May if I can wrangle more sits up that way. It’s been awesome in Melbourne, catching up with by besties, but I do miss that QLD weather. Lol. I was intending to go international in 2021 but that will have to wait a little longer until the world get its shit together again – or something, haha.

Uni is back up and running and I’ve done… some??? Lol. Argh! Hahaha. November is hectic enough with NaNoWriMo but it’s all self-inflicted so I’ll make it work, of course, haha. And then I found a new epic distraction in DAZ3D. After a crash course during our write-in, I went nuts! Lol.

As Kai Parker, I’ve already clocked over 46k on Taking the Field. Check out for more updates about ‘her’ writing.

Thanks for Playing

Don’t forget to check out the Character Collective Podcast and follow the NaNoWriMo journey through November. Also, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments. Let me know what YOU would like me to share as a writer.

Until next time – keep on reading!

PJ Silva


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