Write Better with Critical Friends (WNBW #3)

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Discover how by finding your writing circle and building your skills.

Why should you care what I have to say? After publishing my first novel in 2012, I completed a Master of Arts in Writing and later created the Write Now Program and 90 Day Challenge. In 2019, I set a big, audacious goal of writing one million words, and I did it. I now write fiction under two pen names and non-fiction under the combined name of Writer’s World. As of 2020, I’d written over 30 books and helped many other write their own.

Write Better with Critical Friends is a succinct guide to connecting with your inner critical friend and finding external critical friends. We discuss what a critical friend is and what a critical friend is not, and we explore the highly important subject of how to give and receive feedback. One of the biggest blocks to improving our writing skills is the fear of feedback. By learning how to give feedback and how to receive it, we can stop fearing it and embrace the lessons. There is nothing to learn in what we are already doing well, there is only growth in exploring something new. Do not fear feedback – seek and embrace it. In Write Better with Critical Friends, you will discover how to:

• Connect with your writerly self
• Understand what feedback is and learn to love it
• Accept feedback without taking it personally
• Implement feedback FOR your book 
• Create lifelong critical friendships

Write Better with Critical Friends is a simple self-help guide in the Write Now Book Writing Series. If you like growth, connection, and improving your skills, then you’ll love Writer’s World’s Write Better with Critical Friends. Buy Write Better with Critical Friends to connect with your writing circle and build your skills today!

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